AI, BOTS, machine learning, Technology / By Gal Ben-Tovim / March 24, 2019

Bots ​(also known as web robots) ​and AI​ (artificial intelligence) are considered a chilling topic today, making many concerned about what might become of the future. Most are unsure about how bots will impact our society in general and affect us. Are they going to be beneficial? Solve world problems? Help with logistics? Create order in our society by giving us a seamless and autonomous world (where society becomes more organized)? Or, are we going to witness our ‘sci-fi paranoia’ like that of “Terminator” and ‘Skynet’ where they take over the world (evil laughter)?

To relieve any anxiety that you might be facing with regard to bots is the assurance that it is impossible for a bot to do anything else other than what it’s designed for and commanded to do.

When techies develop bots, they code them to carry out specific functions within defined parameters for a distinct action to take place.

AI differs from bots in that AI manifests and calculates the function of the program while learning.

Bots are the function/program or application.

Let’s take a hypothetical scenario: Bots paired with AI will be able to take over the world.

Sounds scary! But, technically it could happen. They could take over a system and extract whatever data they wanted.

However, in practice, this would be near impossible as it would mean someone would have to build AI that could be smart enough and have the capability to override all firewalls, as well as breach all systems of access.

That is why companies have started creating decentralized solutions and blockchain where the information would be fully protected from hacks.

The definition of decentralization:

  • “efforts to promote decentralization and reform of the national political party”
  • the movement of departments of a large organization away from a single administrative center to other locations.
  • “the decentralization of business services”

This will make it much harder to hack, considering there is not one single point of access.

This same scenario is similar to that of Nuclear warheads and how so many of us have panicked and feared the end of the world and imminent destruction. The reason why nothing has happened is that there is always a governing party overseeing this, and there are always new countermeasures being developed and implemented.

Bots are being used for a wide range of applications. For instance, the bots that have made recent noise are chatbots which are used on mediums like Facebook, Google, etc. These bots have had a major impact on cutting down time and resolving support related issues.

Currently, coders and developers are building systems using bots and AI that thwart cyber threats, cyber theft, and can even secure us quantumly. This has huge implications in terms of national as well as financial and economic security.

Furthermore, with the ever-increasing usage of online transactions, bots will become even more essential and beneficial in our lives. Bots will be able to network in order to create a platform of bots that can do repetitive tasks such as matching accounts with suitable products and services or even sourcing potential users for innovative financing options such as cryptocurrencies, thereby, helping us cut down time, money and manpower with maximum efficiency and security.

You are most probably asking the age-old question, “If there are good guys that are building operable systems with bots, what stops bad guys from building bots that do the opposite?”

The answer is that there will always be the good guys and the bad guys. If we take viruses and anti-viruses as an example, but developers know that the good guys always need to keep themselves one step ahead of the game.

Bots have become and will continue to be, a fundamental part of our dynamically changing world. This leads us to the question: “What does the future of AI have in store for us as technology continues to develop and expand?” The truth is that we still don’t know?

But, one thing is for sure, whenever there is a new system of technology implemented into society, people are fearful and generally speculate the worst, even though most of the time the outcome is better than anticipated. Bots are proving to be highly beneficial to society and in the turn to the individual at large.

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