AI, BOTS, machine learning, Technology / By Shirel Berchowitz / April 18, 2019

Throughout the centuries, humans have progressed and altered the way we build, interact and communicate with each other and the world around us. Technology has become so advanced and accelerating faster than ever before. It is certain technological advances that are now shaping our future in physical, digital and biological domains such as bots.

Bots are a growing phenomenon that is interlinked with the advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) which are evolving every aspect of our lives. There are various applications that are improving both the lives of individuals and business operations. If you look around you are surrounded by these applications, from your virtual assistants like Siri or Google’s Smart Home to web support chatbots. These systems are implemented in order to help answer your queries, handle your requests moreover, make your life easier.

Bots are designed to learn, analyze and understand more about an individual in order to make more accurate suggestions and personalized responses for an individual and actively take measures to alter a manual task into an automated one.

Bots also have the ability to enhance existing technology, such as providing live updates on sports and weather and even make purchases for you.

The integration of bots into already popular applications is alleviating the user’s burden, by eliminating certain user-performed tasks. Bots will not just interact with individuals but, increasingly, with other bots in order to get tasks done. Internal systems in the near future will have bots handling specific tasks and they will work in tandem with other bots to collaborate on shared goals, tasks, and complex workflows.

Although a lot of focus has been placed on consumer-facing bots, there are also bots being implemented in business operations that are changing the business’s operational landscapes to be more efficient. Almost any repetitive, automatable task a company has can be handled by the implementation of a bot. Bots will raise productivity levels, valuable employees will now be able to concentrate on highly specialized, creative work that grants an advantage to the company.

Additionally, it will drive technology adoption by eliminating the need for employee training on enterprise technology but rather having an HR self-service bot to provide all the answers and resources the employee may require. Finally, implementing a bot can help gather scattered information by connecting users with information that has a common theme that is found in different parts of the enterprise, without wasting time searching the process has been automated.

The workplace in the future will become an environment where humans and machines will combine efforts in a hybrid approach allowing organizations to be more productive as well as humans to be more creative. Freeing individuals from rigid processes grants new opportunities for their performance and growth.

The future of our everyday lives and work environments are being augmented as we speak. The future is not far away and we are in the process of change right now. More specifically PAI is providing the change you are looking for by offering a real-time, autonomous and distributed platform for intelligent bots. Both individuals and businesses can use these bots for any process that requires automation, with PAI’s bots you are able to automate almost any digital and manual process. PAI will provide you with bots that are equipped with the best AI algorithms available and furthermore, these bots are able to learn on their own. PAI bots are here to provide you with the relevant solution you may require.

Start now, your future is with PAI.

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