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The following use case explains how integrating a digital payment that supports cryptocurrency can be an easy task with PAI’s system:

Every modern payment system, like e-commerce websites and point of sales, connects to an external payment systems like a payment processors (Credit Card & PayPal).

For this example, let’s assume a company called “Fashion Shop” wants to create its own cryptocurrency called “FashionCoin” and sell some coins in a crowdsale. Users that have “FashionCoins” would be able to pay with them in both the “Fashion Shop” online and physical stores.

To support such a scenario it is possible to simulate the payment system response when the financial transaction is completed:

Transactional Flow:

  1. The payment system shows the user a QR code that contains the transaction data
  2. The user scans the QR code from the FashionShop e-wallet and approves the FashionCoin transfer

Settlement Flow:

  1. The Crypto Payment Bot detects the new transfer and informs the payment system that the financial transaction has been completed
  2. The CRM system can add bonus coins to the purchasing user 
  3. The user can exchange the FashionCoins he has in a cryptocurrency exchange

With PAI’s system most of the above can be done in a few simple steps like:

  • Creating the Blockchain platform
  • Smart contracts
  • Payment system plugins
  • E-wallet
  • CRM plugin 
  • Cryptocurrency generation

This will reduce the cost of the process and will enable the company to save in transaction fees to external clearing systems.

Hybrid Cloud Management & Control


PAI system enables the easy management and control of the cloud activities and budget using PAI-BOTS. 

This example defines hybrid/multi cloud management using a Budget Control bot that can receive the budgets from an external budget management system like an ERP. In addition, the bot is connected to each cloud via a CLI/HTTPS interface to stop an instance when the budget has been ended.

Every instance of the server within any cloud should install a reporting bot that reports all the instance activities that cost money (like the instance itself and APIs being accessed on the cloud) to a Blockchain platform.

The usage of PAI-BOTS for hybrid cloud management enables full control of the budget and reduces the price of cloud costs.