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This bot is a container that can run child bots on the same physical machine. In addition the Master-Bot manages and controls the bots operation and state. Master-Bots can be defined as a decentralized control unit 


Every container bot can load any template of bot (that subject the hardware requirements) like Database, Ledger, Web, Media etc’.

To allocate a free Master-Bot, PAI system defines a pool of Master-Bots and a search mechanism to find a Master-Bot that subjects the requirements and with an available slot to run the bot:


The Master-Bot runs all the child bots using container software (Docker etc’) and provides with the following functionality:

Module NamePAI-CODE Command NameParametersDescription
retrieves overall information about the bot including physical devices status (memory, disk etc’)
add-child-botpai-bot-id, bot-datacreates new bot container with an empty PAI-BOT and installing the requested  modules 
start-child-botpai-bot-idstarts the container (in case stopped)
stop-child-botpai-bot-idsends stop signal to child bot and stops the container 
delete-child-botpai-bot-iddeletes the child bot from the master
get-bots-listfilterget the child bots list 

PAI Master-Bots Manager

This module handles all the network deployments via containers manager called Master-Bot. The manager holds a pool of Master-Bots to allocate the suitable Master-Bot for deploying new container (Bot) with consideration of required hardware, software (O/S) etc’.