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PAI-NET is a decentralized network therefore, the messaging system should be decentralized especially within the data layer which is mostly messages. 

In order to support decentralization PAI introduces a special network architecture which comprised of special bots called Net-Bot. The Net-Bot uses like a small post office that enables communication. 


This bot is used like a router that enables the direct communication of a group of bots or users that are behind NAT and firewalls. The Net-Bot is like a private and secure messaging system between bots.

The net-bot accepts connections from all the allowed bots and delivers messages between them.

The Net-Bot is designed to support the creationion of private channels.


Net-Bot can support TCP, HTTP, and can be extended to support other communication protocols like SMTP & IMAP etc’.

Net-Bot provides the following functionality:

Module NamePAI-CODE Command NameParametersDescription
retrieves overall information about the bot including physical devices status (memory, disk etc’)
register-botpai-bot-idregister bot to the net-bot
unregister-botauth-tokenremove bot from net-bot
send-messageauth-token,from-bot-id, to-bot-id, message-date,message-textsend message to other bot that is connected the same net-bot
get-messagesauth-token,pai-bot-id, filterget all the messages for the specific bot-id
get-bots-listauth-token,filterget the list of all bots that is registered and connected

delete-historyauth-tokendeletes all the Net-Bot messages from the Net-Bot storge

Net-Bot Access control is defined in a blockchain smart contract, every Net-Bot has a smart contact with the permission level of every bot.

The following tables is an example to such contract for Net-Bot:

Contract ID = EF0ABA5-FDE7-4E8A-A6F2-81051055E94F

Net-Bot ID = 907B8F65-660E-4EE7-A1EF-3E459E9E5BAB

PAI-BOTS Access List:

PAI-Bot ID | Reg. Date | Exp. Date | Access Level


6E9F9DC1-3B48-44A9-A347-FD9F7E3CABBF | 01.01.19 12:00 | 01.02.19 12:00 | R,W

065F7103-B99F-498B-9F32-C5C07A199C7C | 01.01.19 15:00 | 01.02.19 12:00 | R,W

873F4B31-FCCB-46C7-885E-233CAFA8412A | 18.01.19 11:00 | 01.02.19 12:00 | R,W

17A5119C-EAD4-475D-A113-1B2639156455 | 01.01.19 12:00 | 01.02.19 12:00 | R

Private Channel with Net-Bot

Private Channel is a method to support full privacy between bots and operators. PAI-NET supports the creation of sub-networks on the fly to ensure that only the allowed users/bots will be able to access the network. Private Channels are created using Net-Bots to secure the communication and supports VPN for full privacy.

The Private Channel can be deleted after the connection is ended.