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PAI-Bot Installation Guide


In order to use the PAI system, you will need to connect to PAI-NET. 

please make sure you acquire the following information before you start the installation process: 

  1. PAI-NET URL – the URL of the PAI-NET you will be using
  2. Organization name
  3. PAI-NET user & password 

Before you install PAI-Bot you will need to set up the PAI environment. 

PAI environment includes a directory (the PAI directory) that stores all PAI’s files. 

For more information read the PAI environment installation guide. 

For best practice, we recommend installing PAI directory at  ` /var/PAI ` for Linux based OS

PAI-Bot cannot work without the PAI directory, please make sure all files and directories are properly configured before you continue. you can use our PAI-ENV-CHECKLIST script to test the environment. 

After you set up the environment, we can start installing the Bot. 

PAI-Bot is a Node-JS application, and require you to install Node-JS and npm on your machine. 

Full prerequisite list can be found here

PAI Bot installation guide:

  1. Download the project from our GitHub repository
  2. Open the project directory in the terminal and run: ` npm install `. this will install all PAI-Bot packages that are required for running the bot. 
  3. In order to control your Bot with PAI-Control-Panel, you will need to register your Bot to PAI-NET: 

Run the command ` node run init ` in your terminal, this will set up your Bot, and will ask you questions to configure your Bot: 

  • “No bots found, would you like to create one ?” – answer yes.
  •  “Please enter PAI-NET URL” – if you have a private network, you should enter      your custom URL in here. otherwise press enter.
  •  “Please enter PAI-NET username:” – enter your PAI-NET username
  •  “Please enter PAI-NET password:” – enter your PAI-NET password
  •  “Please enter Bot’s nickname:” – enter any nickname you want for your Bot. 
  1. After you configured your Bot, open the terminal and the ` node start`, this will start the Bot process. look for the ” PAI-NET socket connected to server ” log, if you see this message then your Bot is online! 
  2. Go to PAI-Control-Panel and communicate with your Bot. 

Linux / Mac

  • Tested version : Ubuntu 18.04



O/SDocker ImageDocker File
Ubuntu 16.04Ubuntu bot image file 


Node.JSNodejs_DownloadUbuntu help link
Pm2PM2Help link
JavaJava_DownloadHelp – (optional)

* installation script will install prerequisite for supported system

Script :

Ubuntu : http://www.git 

Mac: http://sd 


Other Linux: 


  • Install Prerequisite
  • Run script: for – Win:run.bat |
  • Answer questions
  • Bot is running


Q: What the script does?

A:   – Set PAI folder enviroment

  • Create PAI folders: Win:C:\PAI | Ubuntu:/var/PAI
  • Cloning Bot git project
  • Npm login
  • Install npm packages
  • Running bot installation
  • Bot is running
  • Open console: