PAI Intelligent Ledger

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PAI-NET enables advanced Blockchain platforms to embed PAI-BOT. 

PAI-BOT is used as a smart contract helper that runs within the transaction processor, enabling intelligent contract billing based on PAI-CODE.

Since the PAI-BOT is always alive within the ledger, it enables full communication to external API’s, storage and caching systems. 

Intelligent Ledger = Intel Sawtooth Distributed Ledger + PAI-BOT:


The following schema defines the internal connection between the ledger transaction processor and the PAI-BOT:

When the transaction processor processes transactions, it is calling the PAI-BOT program that is responsible for helping with smart contracts (smart contract helper). The bot can run multiple programs and access the shared memory for real-time data.

A good example is a smart contract with a complex pricing formula like stock availability (if the stock level is more than 1000 units, the product price is in 10% discount):

if  product.stock_level > 1000

product.price  *= 0.9 

return product.price

The connection between the ledger transaction processor and the PAI-BOT programs, defines new types of smart contracts with real-time performance.