From a young age, I was always fascinated by technology. My first computer was an IBM XT with a green monochrome monitor, MS-DOS O/S, 64K RAM, and a floppy disk. It had no hard drive, no connection to the network and its capabilities were very limited.

Since it was exceptionally difficult to find games and the only ones available had to be bought from a store, that was located on the other side of the city, I decided I was going to write a game, by myself, with a basic programming language. It was very challenging for a 13-year-old boy to learn how to program using only a book as a guide, without any Internet access or StackOverflow, but I had a few friends that shared the same passion as me and we met every day after school to work on our little project.

It was the first community I had experienced, and it started owing to a pain we all suffered from — we wanted to join the computer revolution but we didn’t know where to start!

The little community we created in school helped us overcome almost all the challenges we encountered. We shared insights, helped each other with the math, and most importantly felt that we had others who we could rely on and talk to.

Eventually, our game was released- it was a soccer game with poor graphics, but we distributed it to whoever joined our community.

Surprisingly, each new recruit contributed greatly to our community as well as to the game, through development, testing, distribution and shaping the new versions.

More recently, I started to read about Blockchain technology and I was amazed by the idea that was presented to me: an immutable database! Apparently, when we created databases we forgot that sometimes the data should not be dynamic but rather static — so static that it should be engraved in stone — once written there is no way back.

As a system designer, architect, and developer, I started to think about how many times I needed such an ability and spent a lot of time developing immutable data entities.

Excited and optimistic, I started to search for how I could install Blockchain and start using it in my own software. Suddenly once more found myself in a similar situation like when I was a child — I wanted to join the revolution but didn’t know where to start. Again, I realized that there were a lot of people around me, with the same passion and who were experiencing the same challenges.

Now, I’m part of another little community called PAI — this is the geeks’ community and we’re welcoming anyone that wants to join: developers, sys-admins, IT pros, designers, architects, Blockchain evangelists, and tech-enthusiasts.

In this community, we share ideas, updates, coding tips and spread the idea of decentralization to the rest of the world.

In PAI we must think in a decentralized way, meaning every component that we are building should be decentralized. It sounds fairly easy but the real meaning of this is that we need to build everything from scratch. The O/S, Programming Language, User Interface and the Network!

The vision of PAI’s community is to make better tools for us, the community members to use, in order to develop the first :

  • PAI Decentralized Bot Operating System Standard (PAI-BOSS)
  • Distributed Computing Programming Language (PAI-Code)
  • AI User Interface (PAI-Bot)

More than that we’ve created a community and business marketplace — the PAI BotShop. This was designed for you to sell your software, data, product, and bots for any business in the marketplace.


If (you love spending a lot of time with compilers and to be challenged by blurry error messages) {WE WANT YOU;}

If you think Docker & Kubernetes are sexy words [WE WANT YOU]

IF you think that the current <user interfaces s.u.c.k> and could be done </much better> THAN WE WANT YOU!

If [ you think Blockchain will disrupt the computer industry] -> [and you want to join the revolution] -> [WE WANT YOU]

If you think it’s time for AI and want to be part of creating the most intelligent software on the planet WE WANT YOU!

Join us in building the next generation of developers and developer community.

2 thoughts on “PAI-Community”

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