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Hosted by Tel Aviv University for the ninth time, Cyber Week is an annual international cybersecurity event. This event gathers professionals, experts, academics, industry leaders, investors and government officials in the field to discuss the current and future state of cybersecurity.

The conference was held from June 23-27 2019. And the last day was entirely dedicated to everything AI: morals, ethics, advancements, and implications. 


The first speaker was Professor Eviatar Matania, First and Former Director-General of the Israel National Cyber Directorate. He set the stage for the rest of the day by characterizing the future of AI as a ‘race’ and discussing the possible ways Israel can get ahead.

According to Professor Matania, Israel should not try to compete directly with superpowers such as the US and China but instead should try to find an advantage; something that makes it unique.

In this sense, PAI-TECH is already future-fit and giving Israel a unique edge due to its bot operating system which spreads bots across many servers i.e distributed. By using a distributed network, PAI-TECH avoids a single point of failure and makes its data and users less susceptible to attacks.

Professor Eviatar Matania speaking at the Bar Shira Auditorium at Tel Aviv University


A key point emphasized across the panel was that of increasing safety and ensuring the protection of personal data.

Professor Matania pointed out that cybercrime has now surpassed nuclear weapons as the number one threat to the US.

Keeping users’ data safe is a priority at PAI-TECH. This is one of the main reasons why places so much emphasis on distribution which prevents having a single point of failure. This also ensures that a user’s data is protected against breaches.

Professor Matania compared identifying an attacker to finding a needle in a haystack. Therefore, by preventing these attacks from the get-go, PAI-TECH will be making huge strides forward in the fields of AI and cybersecurity.  

Another highlight was Professor Yoav Shoham’s presentation on the past, present, and future of AI. Shoham offered a great reflection on the topic, concluding that

“we are far from capturing human intelligence”

Professor Yoav Shoham, computer scientist, and a Professor Emeritus at Stanford University

However, on the bright side, this is an exciting time for AI, meaning there is a lot to be done. He claimed that the future of the field lies in harmonizing knowledge representation (KR) and neurons (NN).

What an exciting time for AI and PAI-TECH is glad to be a part of it.

PAI-TECH – Automate. Distribute. Evolve.

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